Operation Jubilee

The DVD Memory fragments in French and English is available on this site and at la Maison de la presse 102, Grande rue, at the Castle’s Museum, at the Dieppe Memorial, Place Camille Saint-Saens and at the Tourist Office in Dieppe.

On August 19th, 1942, an allied forces landing takes place on the beaches of Dieppe and its surroundings: it is Operation Jubilee. 13,000 men are involved, 6,000 will land, among whom 4,965 Canadians, 1,200 British from the Commandos and Royal Marines.

Transportation is carried out by 250 ships. A thousand aircraft support the landing forces.

At 13,00 hours, the raid is over: it is a failure. 1,380 allied soldiers are killed among whom 913 Canadians. 1,600 are wounded and 2,000 are taken prisoner.

What is left of those moments 65 years later, in the memory of the men and women who lived through this tragedy? It is a long journey that this film proposes, to meet those witnesses in Canada, in England, in Switzerland and in Holland. This documentary is a quest, a journey, a collection – the collection of fragments of memory. It is a rare moment, where emotion supersedes history.